Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Sabbath

After spending time with some great friends yesterday, I decided today was a great day to post a wonderful video!  Women, many times, have some difficult things to do!  We are caregivers, but because of that wonderful talent and calling, we sometimes over-do!  It happens!  We ignore our own discomfort, sleeplessness, hurt, sadness, and do for others first!  We always need to remember that we need to go to him who lightens our burdens!  He will help us carry all those things that cause us to be heavy laden. We need to remember to "fill the fountain in ourselves" so that we can help others.  We need to add to that fountain, drop by drop, cup by cup, of living water!  It isn't a one time thing!  It is the daily offering of scripture study, prayer, and service to others that fills us with the living water that the Savior offered the woman at the well, and to us!  "Drink deep and get your fill"!
Have a sweet Sabbath!