Thursday, July 24, 2014

MDS Blog Hop--What Am I Working On?

Yay!  I'm finally done!  Sorry to make you wait, it's just been a crazy few days, so last night kind of caught up with me.  Well, as you can imagine we have been working on getting settled in our new home and since we now have our Stampin' Up! print services back (Hallelujah!!!) I am ready to finish my "We've moved" announcements.  I plan to add a photo to the back, but as of yesterday I've had some landscaping issues and large piles of dirt in my yard as well as electrical cords strung along the front porch to my side window well which has been filling up with water--hence the addition of a small sump pump!!  Yikes!  Once I get that all fixed, I can actually take a nice pic of my home for the back of my card.  I made 2 cards, I can't quite decided which one I like the best (just so you know, that is NOT my address!) Maybe you can help me decide.  The main downloads used are Natural Composition Overlay (my fav!), Delightful Digital tape and Back to Black overlay.

The first one is kind of fun and silly and the other one is more modern and stylish.  It's hard to believe we've been here for more than a month, I'm actually feeling more settled (still have to work on my stamp room!) I can actually relax a little bit and enjoy the summer.  Even though it's in the high 90's it's a drastic change from the 110's in Vegas, and at least it cools down in the evening so we can sit out on the "stoop" and enjoy the neighborhood.
Make sure you visit all the other talented MDS designers and please give a warm welcome to my super-duper creative friend Wendy Weixler who will be joining our blog hop. Yay!

Today is Pioneer Day in Utah, a commemoration of the day the Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake valley in 1847, so I'm looking forward to our new neighborhood BBQ and fireworks later this evening!  As a descendent of pioneers, I'm forever grateful for the sacrifices that were made so that we could truly have the freedom to worship according to our own conscience.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

MDS Blog Hop--Summer Fun

Well, to say that my summer has been fun so far is not quite accurate.  It's definitely been eventful, but fun...well, not yet anyway!  I'm excited that Stampin' Up!'s annual convention is one week from today--YIPPEE!!  I always look forward to seeing everything that Stampin' Up! has in store but more than that, I so enjoy seeing all the friends I've made over the last 18 years being a demonstrator.  This is such a great company to be a part of.  I've still been unpacking (and re-packing) boxes and organizing (and re-organizing) my new home.  I'm sure you all know where I'm coming from.  This first month has been a whirlwind and I am so glad we made this decision, but moving is HARD! No wonder I stayed 20 years in the last house!!  Well, with all of the stuff going on here, I realized I hadn't updated my iPhone screen saver in a while, so I made a few that were kinda summer-y (that's what I'm calling them so they fit with the blog hop, don't tell the others-- wink, wink!)

Sorry about the spacing, computer isn't cooperating.  Anyway, you can download these and add them to your own iPhone, but it's very easy to make your own with MDS.  Choose the custom project option and add the size of your screen (google it!) and then go crazy!  You can add whatever you want!  Save the project as a .jpg and then email it to your phone. Simple enough?  This is what it looks like on my iPhone:
I can't wait to share the fun from convention so check back in or follow me on twitter (@stampinjul), I'll be trying to keep up with all the excitement!
Check out all the rest of the bloggers on our hop, they always have fun projects to share. Julie L. is next.

Time for bed, sleep seems to be alluding me this week, I think some type of pharmaceutical is in my future!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We Create Blog Hop--Bundle and Save

With all my best intentions, my stamp room is still in boxes!  Although, before I moved, I packed critical two boxes, one labeled "Stampin' Essentials" and the other "Big Shot" (I had stopped labeling boxes weeks ago, instead using colored duct tape for each room!).  I was grateful that I had those two easily accessible boxes and that the stuff for this blog hop was available to use.  I'm just hoping that I will have my room together enough to make my swaps for convention which is just a few short weeks away.  Anyway, with many of my tools in boxes, I have had to be extra creative.  Our theme is Bundle and Save and with all the great stamp bundles currently in the catalog, we hope you can see some great options with using the bundles (besides, who doesn't like a discount!!)

I used the Chalk Talk bundle with Moonlight paper stack and Hello Honey cardstock.  I added some hand drawn borders with our new In Color markers and tied at bow with our new 3/8" stitched satin ribbon in Blackberry Bliss (this ribbon is lovely in person!!).  I found my package of Candy Dots, so I used one of those. I kind of felt like a new demonstrator with just a few supplies!

I can't wait to see what Michelle has created for our hop, she always has such cute projects!

I'm still getting settled, but at least I feel like I have most of the unpacking done.  Now for the organizing...darn, not something I'm very good at, oh well. Anyone good at organizing?