Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time goes by too fast...

In all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season I get to celebrate the birth of another special child--MINE!  She was my greatest Christmas present in 1995 and she keeps bringing me joy every single year!  She is my baby girlie, even 18 years later!  She is my sweetest girlfriend and we love to shop, laugh, cry and just be together!  I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for this darling girl (I just can't bring myself to call her a woman yet!!) She has such a bright future ahead of her!  Happy birthday, my Kylie-Annie-Boo!  I love you!

Mom (Julie)

MDS Blog Hop--Final of 2013!

It's been 2 weeks since I posted--oops!  I've just been a bit busy during this holiday season and as I sit here typing, I'm hacking like a pack-a-day smoker!  It's pretty yucky!  Anyway, I have a quick projects for the holidays, very simple and will go in a nice white frame when it's printed!
I'm thinking a few little rhinestones on the tag will finish it off perfectly!  I will post finished project in a couple days when I am feeling a bit better (wink).  I used the free For You From Us tag, rose red seam binding ribbon (recolored), Naughty or Nice bows, and the overlay stamp from Then & Now digital kit.

Make sure you move on through all the wonderful projects on the hop and make sure you check out all of our past projects on our Pinterest board, next up--Julie LeBlanc! Oh, and if you have anything you want to see done with MDS next year, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

Almost ready for Christmas...I think!


Friday, December 6, 2013

iPhone Wallpaper--Celebrate the Season

As much as I love my iPhone, it definitely lacks style!  I can put a case on it, I can add photos and all that, but I love to personalize it even more!  Plus, I get bored really easy, so I like to be able to change things up when the mood hits!  I came up with these:

I don't know, but for some reason, this one is my favorite!! {wink} I hope you enjoy these throughout this festive season.  It's so very simple to customize your phone with MDS!  You just start out with the "customize" option and then select the size you want (Here is a list of phone/tablet pixel sizes). You can also measure your screen and input that in as well.  Once you have your size, you can save it on MDS and whenever you feel like changing up your "phone style" you can just add another page to your project, (or start over from scratch).  You just need to save your project as a .jpg file and email it to your phone!  It's very simple!  I will try to put together a video for you, so stay tuned!

I'm still trying to stay warm...I really don't want to dig out the PARKA!!  I only use that when I go to Utah (or our church's Girls Camp)!


Shared on The Lunch Bunch

Thursday, December 5, 2013

MDS Blog Hop-- Printed projects

I'm so cold right now!  I'm glad I can curl up under a blanket and use my laptop in bed.  It will be below freezing here in Vegas tonight (and the rest of the week) and that's not a very common thing.  And I know it gets colder where just about everyone else lives, but when your summers reach 117º in the shade during the summer, 25º is pretty dang cold!  I'm trying my best to stay warm!
So our theme this month was either calendars or printed projects...well, I have a bunch, but I will show you a few that I have done.

On this small card, I was able to "wrap" the ribbon around from the front (doesn't it look real?) using the Smart Guide tool and I used the 1 1/4"square punch to remove the center of the frame after I received it from the printer.  The best way to do this is to add the punch to the card on MDS (the Stampin' Up! punches are true to size in MDS) then size your other components accordingly, like the frame on the front (you can remove the punch after it's sized if needed).  To see how I wrapped the ribbon on the the card, you can check out this video:

When I received this tag from the printer, I just added a little rhinestone to the present on the front and the string on the balloons on the back.  It's wonderful to have these tags available on the print products menu from Stampin' Up!  They are just the perfect size to add to gift bags (they are already cut and punched for you) I add a few of these little gems to my order often!  Now, I have to admit, on occasion I run to the local print shop if I need one or two print items right away (or use my home printer in a pinch), but if I need more than that and I'm not in a hurry, I don't hesitate to have Stampin' Up! print my MDS projects--they are such high quality!  They look very professional and many times my friends and customers have asked if they were store-bought!! (GASP!!) Also, as you can see on the tag, the colors are calibrated to coordinate with our Stampin' Up! products (the Tempting Turquoise trim on the bag is our retired Designer Series Paper). Check out all the different products you can print through Stampin' Up! Go ahead and try making a few small projects like cards or tags when you get started with MDS, you'll never buy cards at the store again!  Oh, and I have to thank Erica for the inspiration for my tag!  I knew I had to case MDS of course!

Head on over to Julie L.'s blog for her project--I'm pretty sure it's colder where she is!!

I'm ready to pull the blankets up over my head now!  Brrrrr!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday!

Today is the last day of the Holiday Sale and there are still items available for a great discount!  See my website for details!


We Create Blog Hop--Get Well

I must say that I've dodged a bullet (or several) all year by not getting sick!  But many of my friends have not been so lucky (some more than once)!  Since some of you may be in the same boat, you might need a quick pick-me-up for your sickly friend!

I just got this Flower Shop bundle a few months ago and even though it's not particularly the season for fun little flowers I thought it would be just the right amount of "happy" for my sick friend!  Don't you love it when your packaging matches up with everything (no, I'm not OCD!!) It just makes me happy when I come across packaging to coordinate with my gift!  I added some Gorgeous Grunge to my card and Kleenex wrap along with the sentiment from Sassy Salutations.
Michelle is next in line, see how she shows love to all the sickies in her life!!  It's hard to believe this is the last We Create blog hop of 2013!  We hope to have even more exciting projects next year!  Join us, won't you? (and invite your friends!)

I hope everyone had a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving! I know I did!  I had more people in my house than ever in 19 years--but it was fun!  Now, on to Christmas!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

MDS Blog Hop--Subway Art

Welcome to everyone coming from Jeanna B's blog--I'm sure you were amazed at her talent!
Last year I did a fun subway art project for Christmas and because I really did it for myself, I used the colors in my home...silly me!  I thought I'd re-do it in more bright traditional colors, since some people may like that, so here you go:

I printed the original as a 16 x 20 poster at Costco, or you could print it as an 8 x 10 also.  Make sure if you upload it to a photo printer, you turn off the auto correct or it may change the colors drastically!
It was so easy to change the colors on MDS, as well as change the space between the letters for subway art (kerning), just some of the many reasons to get the software for yourself! You can try it out for free for 30 days, but at $19.95, it's a perfect gift for the crafter in your life (YOU!!!) And on top of that, Stampin' Up! is still having their MDS print product sale and several downloads are also discounted, so now is the time to do those Christmas cards you've been promising everyone!  
Now, hop over to the other Julie, she recently returned from a fun trip to Disney World! LUCKY!!!
It's time for bed!  It's been a long day!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Sale!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week already?  I have family coming down from Utah and this year we are going out for dinner!  We do Thanksgiving big in Vegas!!  At least there won't be any dishes to do, right?  
I'm loving this sale because I'm really not a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday type of girl--I hate that kind of pressure, so I like that there are deals to be had even if you miss out on the big doorbusters. 

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Check out the 24-hour sale today and the rest of the discounts are available through Monday, December 2, 2013 (Cyber Monday!)
Tomorrow is MDS Blog Hop day, so come back to see what I've been working on.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Acorn with Attitude

I finished my little wooden acorn!  I know, I'm pretty surprised myself!  I just couldn't let that cute little thing lay around all naked and stuff, so I painted it and added some Soho Subway DSP to give it a little attitude.
I love the grungy look the different patterns give to this fun project (I think Soho Subway is my favorite DSP in this year's catalog!)  I love texture and bold patterns, so this fit perfectly!  I'm just glad I got this finished BEFORE Thanksgiving, because I think once Thanksgiving was over, this little guy would've gone to the project "black hole" n'er to be seen again!  Another big thanks to Jane for her lovely inspiration!

Make sure you check out our weekly specials--they are pretty great!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


These may be the only snowflakes I may see this Christmas, but I'll take what I can get!
Aren't they lovely?  Here's a little video showcasing this fun, new kit--available while supplies last.

Don't wait!  These little darlings will go fast!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweater Weather

I always enjoy this time of year!  The high is in the 70's here and it's just cool enough that I can throw a sweater on and not bake during the day!!  Definitely the perfect time of year in Vegas!
A few weeks ago, my friend Jane posted this darling woodcut acorn covered with our fun Sweater Weather DSP--It. Is. So. Freakin'. Cute!  I soooo had to CASE her idea.  So, off I went to the wood store and not only found the cute acorn, but a little baby pumpkin as well.  So I got BOTH!  Here's my completed pumpkin:
I appreciate how well all the DSP in the pack coordinates together so I don't have to wonder if the patterns go together. (That has always been a struggle!) I added a bit of Sahara Sand ink on the edges along with some linen thread and natural trim to tie up the little tag.  It will be the perfect addition to my fall decor. Thanks Jane!!  I think I'll work on my little acorn later this week, so check back in to see how it turned out!!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

MDS Blog Hop--Christmas is Coming!

Yes, it really is, no matter how not ready I am!
My project is something I wanted to do last Christmas, but never got to.  I know there are some of you out there with the same issue...I start things, but I don't always finish!!!  I'm trying to do better, but it's just so hard!  And don't even ask me what I bought today, because I don't want anyone asking me later how the project is coming (Jeanna!!!)  Well, that said, I did this project at the last minute (it shows) and I may change it later, but I just wanted you to see the different ideas.

I've had these little black and red frames for a few years (sigh) and wanted to use them as ornaments on my tree but coming up with the inside has been a struggle, imagine that!!  I chose an 8 1/2 x 11 custom page on MDS and used the photo box option in the Design Center to create several small 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 photo boxes to "decorate".  I used the photo box instead of the punch option because you can change the color of the DSP, which is only a feature with photos (or DSP selected as a layer) and embellishments, not punches.  Also, if you are buying little frames, be aware that most of them do not allow for any layers or embellishments, so keep your "extras" digital (or take the glass out). I used many different downloads, so if you have a question on a specific frame, leave a comment and I will get you the info.

Download MDS for FREE for 30 days and also right now there are many wonderful downloads on sale along with the print products (see post).
Hop over to Julie L. to see her beautiful holiday project along with all the rest of the hoppers!  Remember, we have our very own brand-spankin'-new Stampin' Up! MDS Design team members; Amber, Holly, and Cori!  They are so deserving of this opportunity!  Congrats to them!
Hmmm, maybe now I should get out some of my other old projects...Nah!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

I love it when Stampin' Up! has a sale on MDS products!  Many of you know how much I love to create with MDS and any time I can do that at a discount (on top of my demonstrator discount), I'm super happy!  There are several different types of downloads and print products discounted through November 30, 2013.  Make sure you download your free 30-day trial of MDS or purchase it for $19.95, which is a steal!  Once you create your projects, you can have them printed through Stampin' Up! at a discount, too!
On top of all that, today there is a great FREE download, Moments Ago, that is just fabulous!  I can imagine so many projects I can use these beautifully handwritten words on...
...and Hello There digital kit for 50% off!
Remember that with MDS you can recolor any of the paper and embellishments to coordinate with your project, so even you you have boys, you can use this kit.  The chevrons and arrows are so in right now,  it will be perfect for your projects for old and young alike.  Make sure you check back in for more specials and discounts throughout the month.  Check out my YouTube videos on the left for several techniques and tips for your MDS projects.

Now, get busy creating, you're already on your computer, right? I know I am!


Friday, November 1, 2013

We Create Blog Hop--Gift Giving

It's gift giving season and I love to make small gifts for my friends and family!  It seems that there's always an opportunity to give gifts to people whether it's birthdays, showers, thank-you's, holidays, or "just because".  This fun gift can be given for any reason.  I've had the clear marbles for a while (are you a crafting hoarder?) and I thought I would try to make some cute magnets!  I used Fabulous Phrases stamp set and Stazon ink on Polka Dot Parade DSP and attached them to the marbles with Crystal Effects.  The box was made with Basic Black card stock, Polka Dot Parade DSP and the Simply Scored scoring tool.  The tag is from Hello Lovely and Whisper White taffeta ribbon.

The dimensions of the box are 4 x 5 x 1.  The size of the DSP and card stock was cut to 6 x 7 and scored at one inch on each edge.  To figure out the size paper you need to make a box, measure the length and width of the finished box you want, take the depth and double it and add that to the length and width--does that make sense?  So in my example 4 x 5 x 1 box, the 1 is the depth so doubling that would be 2.  I add 2 to the 4 (6) and 2 to the 5 (7).  I hope I didn't confuse everyone!! (I'm really not that good at math!)  With your Paper Snips, make a small cut on the score  from the edge to the 1" score line, only on two parallel sides not all of them (you don't want to completely cut out the corners, just allow them to fold).  I used Sticky Strip to hold my corners together.  I absolutely love being able to make boxes to coordinate with my gift, it just brings the whole thing together!  And it looks cute, too!  
Now you can head on over to Michelle and see her beautiful gift box. ( I think I will have to try out her bath salts recipe!)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

MDS Blog Hop--Homecoming 2013

It's time for October MDS Blog Hop's "what we're working on" project.  Many of you may have come from Jeanna B's blog--she always has such fun projects to share.  Just a couple weeks ago, my baby went to her last Homecoming dance of high school!  I can't believe she's a senior!! {sniff, sniff} She and her friends decided that since none of them got asked to the dance, they would go together (I wish I could've done that in HS!) Kylie and I went to the Fashion Show mall on Las Vegas Bvld (ugh!!) the week before and found a pretty dress and had a friend make a fun slip to make it just a bit longer and more pouffy (is that a word?) The day before  the dance she decided she wanted to get red Converse high tops!  For sure they were easier to dance in!!  When we went to take pictures before the dance, the sun was low and I couldn't find a spot where I wasn't getting glare or shadows...then I dropped my camera!  Yep, it's broken! Good thing for iPhones, right?  The girls went on to dinner at BJ's and then to the dance and had a blast, so much of a blast that she forgot to take any more pics (grrr!).  At least we have a few nice photos to share.

I recolored the burlap ribbon and the paper from the Number One kit.  This was a very simple page, but trying to find just the right background paper was very frustrating!  Anyone else have that problem? Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one! {wink} I love that you can recolor embellishments and background papers!  It opens up a whole world of possibilities for your digital crafting projects.  If you haven't tried MDS, make sure you download the 30 day free trial--there's nothing to lose.  Ok, before you hop on over to Julie Leblanc's blog, I have to congratulate our own Holly and Amber for being selected for Stampin' Up!'s new MDS Design Team!  Yay!  Can't wait to see what Stampin' Up! will have them share with us!  Check out what the rest of the blog hop girls are working on and leave comments, we all love them!