Monday, October 15, 2012


Yesterday, Sunday, was a beautiful day!  It was the culmination of 10 months of practice and teaching for the young children from our church!  The children from 3-11 (called Primary) have been working the last few months to get ready for the Primary Presentation.  All year, our focus has been "Choose the Right".  Their presentation was given during our main worship meeting, or sacrament meeting.  They sang and spoke (all 48 of them!) for their families, friends, and neighbors!  It was delightful to watch each one of them walk up to the podium and say their part, many memorized!  Through their words and music, they testified of their Savior! Even the little 3/4 year olds or Sunbeams gave their part without showing any fear!  They sang their little hearts out and captured the congregation with their beautiful, sweet spirits!  I felt like a proud momma of all her little children!  And as the president of the Primary, I know I couldn't have done it without my wonderful counselors and secretary, not to mention the music leader and the teachers of these young children!  They have been so supportive and I am grateful for their willingness to serve!  Now that the "Primary Program" is done, we can relax a little bit and have some more fun!  Yay!  I know why the Savior commanded us to become like little children--they are just wonderful!  What an honor!