Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No good deed...

Yeah, we all know how that saying ends!  As I was setting up the chairs after New Testament class at church, I went to pull the huge 30 foot tall partition doors and caught my foot under it!  Ouch!  It didn't start to bleed right away, but I could tell I had done some pretty good damage by the indentation left behind.  I hobbled down to the bathroom clear in the back of the church and as I did, the blood started slowly dripping down my foot.  I was able to clean up the blood and I hobbled all the way back to the front of the church where luckily my son was waiting for me with the car.  Not sure I would've been able to drive myself home!!  So, to make a long story short, I have my foot cleaned, smeared with Neosporin, covered with gauze and hoping that I don't need stitches.  Moral to the story: Look both ways when you cross the chapel overflow or you'll run over your own foot with a huge door! (my foot is not swollen, I just had it turned sideways to get a better picture--sick, eh?)
Tomorrow is another day!!