Monday, October 22, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Well, we've had a fun-filled weekend and as promised, I will fill you in on the excitement!  My daughter's high school homecoming was this weekend and she had a friend from Utah who asked her to go!  After hours of dress shopping and not finding anything worth trying on (I'm sorry folks, those are not dresses, they're strips of fabric!!) we finally found a darling lace dress!  We (meaning my friend, Peg) added a bit of fabric to the bottom so it wasn't so short and she picked navy blue as an accent in a sash and a necklace.  She was thrilled with the final product!  Her friend Nate picked her up and we all went to the JW Marriott for a few pics, then on to dinner with some friends and then to the dance!  They had a great time and they both looked so great!  Here's some of the pictures!!

Doesn't it look like fun?  Tomorrow I'll fill you in on my boys--they had an exciting weekend, too!