Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boys Weekend!

Back in August, my son asked for a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain for his birthday!  Well, if you've been to California in August you know that it is not the best time to stand in long lines, so the boys planned to go when it got a little bit cooler.  Well, they packed up and left on Thursday and the spent all day Friday at the park.  They had so much fun!  My boys LOVE thrill rides, so they were totally in their element!  One scary thing that happened is that on Riddler Revenge as they were standing in line it was getting so hot (surrounded by corrugated metal, the ac wasn't working, AND the line was moving very slowly) that a lady actually passed out!  Wow!  My son was completely drenched because it was so hot, which also contributed to his blisters later. Other than that, they had a fabulous time and Erik said it was the funnest trip ever! David's favorite ride was Tatsu and Erik's favorite ride was Scream (yikes!).  I'm glad I stayed home!  It was foggy in CA, plus it was "Fright Fest" so they added fog machine fog!  How's that for ambiance?  Here's the highlights!

Do you have a favorite amusement park ride?  I love "Pirates of the Caribbean"!