Friday, September 28, 2012

A happy birthday and a baby card!

First, I need to wish my little brother Jeff a happy 40th birthday!  I remember coming home from the hospital, my brother in my mom's arms and me peering at him from behind leaning over the front seat! Can you believed we all survived childhood without child seats?  I thought he was going to be my new baby doll!  He was so cute...then he grew up! ;)  Although there were some crazy times, I still love him--even more today than when my parents brought him home (and he's much more interesting)!  I can't ever be around Jeff and not completely laugh out loud!  He's funny and smart (almost as smart as me!) and he's even running for public office ( I could never do that!!) And even though he's bigger than me now, he'll always be my "little brother"!  Happy birthday, Jeff!

My friend Anjuli had a new baby boy on Wednesday!  He is so precious!  I'm sure he and his big brother Porter are going to be best friends!  To welcome baby Foster, I'll share the card I gave his mom at her baby shower!  This is the darling card that I CASEd (copy and share everything) from Pinterest!  It was done by Lisa Lara and I thought I could recreate it using My Digital Studio!  I think it turned out cute!

I'm outta here for a few days, I'll post the fun happenings of my quick weekend getaway on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!