Friday, September 21, 2012

My Digital Studio 2 video--Editing punches

I was very surprised to see this feature!  Maybe I skipped over it on the list of 70 + new features on My Digital Studio 2, but I started playing with it and it was fun!  *Now here's a disclaimer: Some of the punches compress when brought into the editor, once they compress, it doesn't go back to it's uncompressed size, it's basically a new shape that you save with a different name in your "user" file.  Your "original" punch is fine, though.*  Maybe that's something that Stampin' Up! will change, but until then, you just have to play with this feature and see which punches work for your project.  I've taken the little cherry from the cupcake punch set and separated it so I can fill each part with different DSP or color fill!  Check out the little flower pot--I changed that from the cupcake "cup" punch and then I used the Freeform feature to give it some dimension! This is a pretty simple tool, but it just takes time to move, delete, and shape your punch to where you want it and you can't be too picky, because there's really nothing to line up with, so with that said, I hope you'll try this fun little tool!  I'd love to see the punches you create!