Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekly MDS Challenge 9/15/12--scrapbook page

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!  This was a hard challenge!  I haven't quite transitioned to scrapbooking with My Digital Studio! (I know, weird huh!)  I just feel like I'm committed or something, which is completely wrong!  I can change everything with a click of the "undo" button, but still, it is a struggle for me!  Oh well...on to the challenge!  This weeks challenge was a scrapbook page using 10 or more photos, so I'm really out of my comfort zone!  This is my final project, I keep wanting to go back and change it, but I'm drawing the line--NO MORE CHANGES!  This page is from my daughter's first date/formal with her BFF!  They were the only girls who could keep dancing all night with their cute Converse shoes (all the girls with heels were jealous!) Thanks for looking!


Soft Blooms, Bright Blooms, eyelets, seam binding, glimmer brads, Hip and Handsome Overlay stamp