Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Sabbath

It's Sunday again!  This week seemed to go by very fast!  We had a wonderful time at my husband's office Christmas party at a great restaurant called Hachi at the Red Rock Station casino, it is basically a sushi place and I'm not really a sushi fan, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried many different dishes and other than the really spicy dishes, I liked all of them!  I even tried the salmon sashimi!  I think my favorite was the tempura lobster--oh, that was so yummy!  Dinner was great and the company was even better!  I really like the people David works with, and their spouses, we always have fun when we get together!  Friday night David and I had date night at the live production of the Nativity, which always brings tears to my eyes.  If it was closer, I think I would go to every showing, it was that good!  Saturday was a fun ward (congregation) breakfast with more yummy food and fun for the whole family.  I did have to leave early to attend the funeral of the mother of my good friend.  It was a lovely tribute for a lovely woman.  I know she will be missed.  Funerals always remind you of those you love and that life is not guaranteed for anyone.  You want to hug your family just a little longer and tell those friends you haven't seen in a while how much you cherish them.  Today we had a great meeting at church and my daughter spoke about being an example and having faith and one of the quotes she shared was "Israel thought Goliath was so big, he couldn't be killed, David thought Goliath was so big, he couldn't miss!"  David had such great faith, even as a young man!  Another quote she shared was "live your life so that people who know you but don't know Christ, will want to know Christ because they know you."  People notice something different about someone who follows Christ!  They are not perfect, but they try their best to act the way Christ would want them to act.  I hope that we can do a little bit better at this time of year to act the way Christ would want us to act.  People will want to know Christ because they know you!
Hope you have a beautiful Sabbath!