Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 17th birthday!

MDSMonday 3 and Color Combo 2 entry
Winner-MDS Monday 3 and Color Combo 2 challenge!

I can't believe my baby is 17!  She has been such a joy and she is smart, kind and beautiful! She is just as lovely on the inside as on the outside!  What a blessing in my life!  She was our Christmas gift 17 years ago and my son finally got the little sister he'd been waiting for!  While I was pregnant with Kylie, Erik would carry his teddy bear around in a big basket like a baby carrier and call the bear "baby Kylie" and he would want to take the bear everywhere he went!  I know that I have learned so much from having Kylie as a daughter and as she has grown older, she has also become my friend!  I am grateful that she was given to me to raise and teach and love.  Happy birthday, girlie girl, I love you!

I love my little baby girlie!  Isn't she cute?