Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Digital Studio Video--Lots of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you are all enjoying this "holiday" or otherwise know as "Single awareness day"!  I've had my favorite valentine for 24 years now, and although we do acknowledge that it's Valentine's day and we always seem to do a little something for each other, I try to let him know EVERY DAY that he is my "Valentine"!  He is such a great guy and I'm thankful for him every day!
Now, on to the video!  I had several people ask if I would do a video on how I made my Lots of Love poster I have in my entry way, so here you go!  Very quick explanation and I only used 3 stamps!  I hope you can hear, I tend to mumble when I'm creating!  So sorry!  Let me know if there are any techniques or tools you would like to see videos on, I will do my best to add them to my list!  Enjoy!
Just know that you are ALL loved!  Have a wonderful day!