Monday, September 16, 2013

St. George Get Together Part One

Can I tell you how much I hate taking selfies?  I'm getting old, so my eyes don't work as well at that distance so I'm always squinting to see the screen and it looks weird!  Anyway, this is a pic of Rachelle, Jeanna and me after our all-day stamping get together.  We had such a fun time and all of the projects were fabulous--I hope to make a few as workshops or classes, so get with me if you are interested in hosting a workshop!
I just wanted to share some of the fun swaps I got this weekend.  There were lots of great swaps done and I only made 19 cards, so I got about the same amount back.  The sad thing is that many of my swaps don't have names on them, so if it looks familiar to you, please let me know so I can credit you properly.
1. Jeanna Bohanon 2. Anita Marcy 3. unknown 4. unknown
5. Charlet Mallett 6. Anita Marcy 7. Jill Olsen 8. April Marcy

I will share some of the fun projects we made at the get together on Thursday, so check back then!