Thursday, September 26, 2013

MDS Blog Hop--iPhone 5 Wallpaper

How many of you uploaded iOS 7 this week?  I did finally, after getting a error--I think all of you were crashing the system!  Well, since I've been updating my phone, I might as well update my screens, right?  I have been doing a bunch of MDS stuff for my phone and I will share that with you soon, but for now, I will share my lock screen wallpaper.  The lock screen is the first screen you see with the clock and date at the top and the slider at the bottom.  I designed the wallpapers around those items.  This is how it looks on my phone:

When you download these wallpapers, save to your camera roll, then pick the wallpaper you want to use and select the "share" button.  You will see the option "save as wallpaper", then you can choose which screen you want to save it to.

Here are three different lock screen wallpapers you can use on your iPhone 5.
I hope you enjoy these wallpapers, I will be designing some home screen wallpapers as well!  Check back next week!  Make sure you check in with my talented friends and see the fun things that they have been working on!

I'm looking forward to the high being in the 70's today, it hasn't been that temp since May!
Yay fall!!


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