Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All Grown Up!

Today is my baby boy's 21st birthday!  Wow, it sure isn't what I imagined it would be when I had an adult child, but I am enjoying this stage of my life!  Sure, you have the normal pulling away as children always do when they grow and become independent, but it is wonderful to change my role from parent to advisor.  Erik always jokes that he was my "practice child" and that he is the "first pancake that didn't turn out"!  I know that he doesn't really believe that, but as an oldest child, I do understand that thought!  I have learned a lot being Erik's mom and I hope that one day I can prove myself on my grandchildren!!!  Erik makes me laugh!  I think that will be the thing that I will miss the most when he's off on his own in a few months--his laughter!  I laugh at his laugh!  I don't even need to know what he is laughing at!  We also have very deep discussions, along with heated debates!  We both LOVE to be right, so that can cause friction at times, but because we love and appreciate each other, we work things out.  I know that school will bring out the very best in my little boy and I am excited what the next few years will bring!  Happy birthday, Erik!  You've made every second of my 23 hours of labor with a 9 lb 13 oz baby worth it!! {wink}

No matter what I do in this life, my children will always be my greatest creation!  They are the best!


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