Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look at those Dimples!

My cousin and his family moved to Vegas about 6 years after we did and it was nice to have more family here in town.  They only had one little girl at the time, and since then have added 4 more darling children to their family--and I adore each one!  One day when we were attending the baby blessing of their youngest child, the next youngest, Sarah, age 2, seemed in need of a little attention!  I saw her sitting over in the corner by her grandma being shy and quiet but when I started talking to her, her eyes twinkled and as the huge smile formed on her face I noticed her dimples!  Not just regular dimples...deep, perfect dimples!  Every time this little girl smiles her dimples seem to sink all the way through her cheeks!   I got my camera out and started taking pictures and she just lit up!  She hammed it up for the camera for at least a few minutes before she got bored and wanted to play with all her cousins.  I got a few good photos, but this was the one with the twinkle in her beautiful eyes!  She is such a flirt--even now almost 4 years later!
I used Hip and Handsome overlay for the background; Twitterpated ribbon (recolored), two-toned ribbon (recolored), pom-pom trim (recolored), crochet trim, seam binding (recolored), baker's twine; Antique brads and staples.  My colors were matched with the color of the couch in the background (I love that option!!).  This was such a fun page to create!  That's it for my Artisan contest scrapbook entries, but come back tomorrow for the CREATE blog hop!  I'll post more Artisan contest entries soon!


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