Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Miss You Already

Well, after a lot of prayer, we have decided to leave Las Vegas after almost 20 years!  We will be moving back to Utah after our youngest graduates this summer.  It will be a new adventure for the whole family, but I still think I have a little bit of anxiety.  It's hard to leave the friends we've known and loved for 19+ years and the home we've raised our family in, but it is time for a change and the Lord keeps opening doors for us to go back--how can we say "no"?  As the boxes slowly get packed up and the last few projects are finished, the reality of the whole thing is starting to hit me...hard!!  We have loved living here (I know that is hard for some to believe but it's true!)  Las Vegas is really two different cities!  The tourist "Vegas" and the community "Las Vegas valley".  It's completely different from where we grew up, but we love it and will miss it here.  We have made some lifelong friends along the way who really have become family since our family has been so far away.  We left Utah for better employment way back in August of 1994 with one toddler and dreams of a wonderful life and now we leave to go back with two grown children and more wonderful memories than we could've imagined!  We're not sure how to thank all those who have touched our lives, but we know we have been blessed more than we deserve.  It will be wonderful to keep in touch with today's modern technology and social media, but it's not nearly the same as one on one, face to face.
When I first saw this stamp, I really didn't get it, but now that I am really leaving, it's making more and more sense to me.  The pain of separation is getting stronger each day and memories are filling my mind to the brim, but I have to keep packing and cleaning (ugh!) and planning and home-searching (thanks, Zillow!) and try not to "think" too much, or it will overwhelm me!  I certainly plan to thank my friends personally, but this sentiment just made it all very real to me.  I miss you already!!

Sale-a-bration is coming to an end in just a little more than a week, make sure you get your order in before the end of the day on March 31!

Better get back to packing (again...UGH!!)!


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