Thursday, December 18, 2014

MDS Blog Hop--Merry Christmas From the Davidses?

Well, it almost Christmas and I have been super busy at work--retail is CRAZY!!!  It's fun to help people find gifts for loved ones and friends, but the days are long and my body is screaming at me every night when I come home!  I had great plans for a family picture and fun Christmas card, alas, with grown children in different places and everyone's schedules never matching up, the family picture didn't happen and my Christmas card will be more of a "holiday card" only because it probably will arrive around New Years Day--that's still ok, right?  I had each family member take a pic of themselves at their new jobs, I think it came out pretty well. Hopefully next year I can plan my card much better (yeah, right!!!)

I chose a trifold card this year, it gave me room to add larger pics.  My computer is getting old so my program becomes as slow as molasses when I add several components so this took me a lot longer than normal. Maybe Santa can bring me a new computer for Christmas!! I just love that I can create my own one-of-a-kind card for Christmas or any other occasion. 
With all the holiday craziness going on, I will not be blogging until the first of the year, I am choosing to spend the little free time I have with my family (so excited to have my daughter home for a few weeks!)  See you back here on the first of January for the We Create Blog Hop!  Enjoy our final MDS Blog Hop of 2014!
We wish for you a very merry Christmas and may you all enjoy the love of your families during this holiday season!