Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Refuge from the World

Every Tuesday, I get up at 5:00 am and drive more than 20 miles, past iconic Downtown Las Vegas to volunteer my time in the Las Vegas Temple.  I change out of my street clothes and wear my white dress (all the patrons and workers change into white clothing in the temple) and spend a few hours in a place that is a refuge from the craziness of what can be life.  I feel such a peace when I am there, even though I do fairly normal office work.  I can feel closer to my Heavenly Father when I am there.  It is also a place where families can be sealed for eternity.  I cannot imagine heaven without my family being my family!  That would not be heaven to me.  If you ever have an opportunity to attend an open house for a new LDS temple in your area, I highly recommend going. New temples are open to the public for several weeks before they are formally dedicated to the Lord. You will definitely feel peace and love when you enter the doors. Also, even though you must be a member in good standing to perform ordinances there, most temples have a beautiful entry or foyer where the public is welcome to come and sit and ponder or read the scriptures surrounded by . I know that the temple is the house of the Lord and I can feel His Spirit very strongly there.  It is because of Him that I can have my family not just "till death do us part" but for eternity.

I will really miss the Las Vegas temple and the many people I work with.  It is a sanctuary for me.